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Thank you for choosing us to install your flooring. We very much appreciate the opportunity and we are committed to excellence in our work. The following is our agreement for the installation. For value received, you and we, Advanced Flooring, agree as follows:


The description of the flooring we are installing for you is detailed on your invoice. By accepting your invoice, you are indicating that you have reviewed the invoice closely and that the details are all correct.

Furniture & Fixtures
• A furniture moving charge will be applied if there is furniture in the installation area. You can reduce your costs by moving as many items as possible yourselves…i.e. end tables, chairs, knick-knacks, lamps, etc.
• We do not move items that we determine are of an unwieldy or dangerous nature including, but not limited to, fish tanks, waterbeds, guns, pool tables, grandfather clocks, pianos, and organs.
• Please strip your beds of sheets and linens. Empty bookcases, china cabinets, fridges, etc.
• We do not move items that are fixed to the floors, walls, or ceilings.


To ensure the safety of your pet and a smooth installation, please keep your pets in a separate room.

Electronics and Electrical Fixtures
• Our installers do not unhook or re-hook any electronic equipment.
• Our installers do not unhook or re-hook any appliances that are hardwired. You will need to hire an electrician to do so.

• Our installers do not unhook or reconnect gas stoves, toilets, icemakers, gas dryers, etc. You will need to hire a plumber for this work.

Adult Presence
• An adult aged 18 or over must be present to let the installers in.
• If you will not be home while the installation is being completed, we must have cell phone access in case questions or problems come up on the job. If we are not able to reach you, we may make a reasonable decision on how to proceed, which could mean additional charges such as additional floor preparation, etc.; or choosing between one of two or more possible ways to finish the flooring. We can not have crews idled because we can not reach the homeowner. You agree that you are responsible for the cost of additional work, or the appearance of the job because our installers chose to finish flooring one way instead of an alternative method, and we were not able to reach you.

Power and Room Temperature.
• Hardwood: The job site must be acclimated to normal living conditions 3 days before the wood is delivered to the job site and then for the life of the floor.

Pull up of Existing Floors
• Pull up and disposal of any existing flooring is not included with your order unless specifically itemized in the Sales Order.
• Asbestos: We are not licensed to remove asbestos flooring. We can go over it or you may hire an asbestos removal company. All tile and vinyl floors must be tested by an independent lab indicating no asbestos before we can remove it, as per state law.
• Pull up the glued carpet. We will quote you a basic price for this work, however, we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen situations. If the glue on the existing carpet is extremely aggressive or if in the process of pulling it up there is damage to the subfloor that must be repaired we reserve the right to charge for the extra costs of additional labor and materials.
• Pull up wood floors, tile, or vinyl. We will quote a basic price, however, the price could rise due to unforeseen circumstances.
• We are not licensed to remove flooring or house components with lead paint.
• If extra charges apply you will be notified at once and you have the option of paying the additional money or doing the work yourselves. There will be no refund of the materials ordered to do the job.
• For health reasons our installers reserve the right to refuse to pull up urine-soaked floors or for other conditions.

Additional charges 
We cannot be held responsible for unknown circumstances. Our professional estimators make every effort to include every item we can foresee. For example, it is impossible to know if and how much leveling of a sub-floor may be required before the existing floor is removed. If leveling is required an additional charge may apply. Other such circumstances arise from time to time.

• There are many ways to install stairs. Be sure to discuss with your salesperson which method you want us to use. If the method of installation is not specified in the Purchase Order, then we will choose what we determine at our discretion to be the best one.
• Custom work: It is best to A) discuss with a salesperson and B) be home when the installer is doing the work so specific concerns can be addressed. Quarter Rounds/Shoe moldings
• Should be removed for best flooring installation

• Door cutting is not included in your quote if this should become necessary.

Hidden Wires or Other Unusual Condition
• In the event the consumer has wires or other conditions hidden under their existing floor we must be notified of this fact before our pulling up the existing floor.

Scheduled Installation Times
• Estimated arrival and finish times are only a guide. Many circumstances during the day can cause our crews to run ahead or behind schedule. You will be notified if this happens.

• Carpet: Some surface scratching may occur. Touch-up is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Natural Products
• Products made from natural materials (stone tile, ceramic tile, wool, real linoleum, hardwood, etc.) have natural variations. Marble has marbling. Ceramic tile is made from clay, which has natural variations in color and glazing. Wool is a natural product that has natural color variations. As a result, you should expect variations. These natural variations are not defects, and no refund or replacement will be made for natural products that have normal color, texture, and appearance variations.

Defective Flooring
• Fortunately, it is a very rare situation, but should we determine that the flooring materials that we install in your home are defective we make it a top priority to replace the materials.
• If it happens we will expedite your replacement.
• Monetary compensation is not provided for lost wages, lost revenue, or any other contingency, including but not limited to the cost of other contractors, the cost for alternate accommodation, or psychological distress.

Job Completion
• Our installers are expected to clean up and remove all trash, except for larger pieces of carpet, vinyl, and tile, which you may want to keep for future use.

Payment of Balance Due
• Payment is due immediately upon completion of the job.
• If you will not be home at the time of completion, arrangements must be made to pay the balance in advance.
• Unpaid balances may be secured by the mechanic's lien on the premises.
• NOTE: If your account is more than 7 days overdue you agree to the balance being charged to your credit card or processed by electronic check.

Canceled Installation Policy
• Once you schedule an installation it must be canceled before noon on the previous business day (Monday through Friday) otherwise a $150.00 fee will be assessed for late cancellation.

Miscellaneous Terms
• No Other Agreement. Except as otherwise mutually agreed in writing, this Flooring Installation Agreement and the incorporated Invoice are the complete agreement of the parties and supersede all other agreements or understandings, written or oral.
• Indemnification: Our liability for damage caused by our negligence or that of our subcontractors/agents shall be limited to the applicable policy limits of our liability insurance.
• Terms of Payment. In addition to the terms stated above, you agree to pay all costs of collection, whether or not we enforce a mechanic’s lien or otherwise file suit, including without limitation all attorney’s fees, filing fees, and court costs as they are billed by us. Such unpaid additional costs shall be subject to interest at 1.5% per month until paid.
• Limitation of Damages. We will not be liable for any delay in performing any work or providing any materials hereunder, or any cessation of or interruption of services, including but not limited to those arising out of the fire, flood, explosion, war, strike, power blackout, nature, civil or military authority, inability to obtain labor or materials or reasonable substitutes, therefore, terrorist threats or activities or any other cause beyond our reasonable control or acts of God.
• Limitation of action. Except for claims for overdue balances, any other lawsuit hereunder shall be brought within one (1) year of completion of our installation notwithstanding any other statute of limitation that would otherwise apply.


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