About us

Advanced Flooring is a leading flooring supplier and a professional
installer of contemporary floors from laminate and carpeting to hardwood
and more. We are located in Waterloo, Ontario offering exceptional
service solutions and only the highest quality materials for our
Advanced Flooring Expert Floor Installation Services
Advanced Flooring consists of a highly technical and experienced team
ready to install your chosen style of flooring. We are experienced in the
installation of residential floors including the supply of leading floor
materials, styles, colors and general design. Once you have selected a beautiful floor, we will arrange a time and day to ensure your choice of
flooring is installed by our experienced and professional technicians.
We Do the Homework so You Don’t Have to
At Advanced Flooring, we offer incredible service solutions ensuring that
your needs are met. We have researched many brands and determined
the flooring products that are not only stunning in design but also provide
your home the most value. Our installation services are based on quality
solutions tailored to meet the requirements of every client. Not only do
we guarantee our customers satisfaction in every flooring project we
deliver, we guarantee outstanding quality too.
Advanced Flooring offers the largest selection of: Hardwood, Engineered
Wood, Laminate, Vinyl Plank, Tile and Carpet Sales and Installation.
Choose the Advanced Flooring Guarantee
When you choose a style of floor and receive our professional
installation, we customize every service to meet your needs. Regardless
of the design of the room or choice of material, we will always advise on
the flooring materials to suit your lifestyle.
At Advanced Flooring, we believe in practicality and competitively priced
products. Our guarantee offers customers the protection and satisfaction
they deserve. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with our flooring
solutions, we will gladly assist by upholding your guarantee.
A Trusted Floor Supplier and Installation Service
We combine our superior knowledge of the finest flooring materials with
our installation services. We ensure that every aspect of our flooring
practice and procedures are adhered to. We only bring the very best in
the industry to the doors of our customers.
Find Unique Brands
Discover our incredible range of laminates, hardwoods, tiles and more.
We are the suppliers of the most unique and sought-after floor brands.
Our flooring will surpass your expectations in comfort, simplicity and
Not only can you find great products but at great prices too!