WESTGATE - PURELUX Journey series 7"x9mm SPC Vinyl Plank w/underlay

WESTGATE - PURELUX Journey series 7"x9mm SPC Vinyl Plank w/underlay

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Brand name Purelux
Product color Westgate
Series Journey
Structure Rigid core vinyl plank
Dimension 7-1/4"x 60"x 9mm (7mm+2mm)
Wear Layer 22 mil
Sq feet per box 18.26
Click system Drop lock with I4F locking system
Installation option On, Above or Below
Emission Class Floor Score, Greenguard
Warranty 30 years residential, 8 years commercial
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 This 9mm thickness Luxury Vinyl Plank with waterproof high density, high stability floor with almost no expansion and contraction is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. 

UV Coating Layer 

Provides protection against UV rays, to help resist fading.

IXPE Underlay 2mm

IXPE is a closed-cell foam that is 100% waterproof, and impervious

to mildew, mold rot, and bacteria, while providing excellent

sound-proofing capabilities.

Product: Stone Plastic Composite
Series: Journey
Dimensions: 9mm x 183mm x 1545mm
Underlayment: 2mm IXPE
Impact Sound Reduction (IIC): 72
Sound Transmission Class (STC): 73
Wear layer: 22mil
Texture: Embossed in Register
Bevel: Painted
Certifications: FloorScore Certified
Lock System: Drop lock with I4F locking system
Coverage/Box: 18.26 Sq.ft
Box/Pallet: 45 boxes
Weight/Box: 48 lbs
Residential Warranty: 30 year limited
Commercial Warranty: 8 year limited


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