$1.99/sq.ft 5mm SF01 Vinyl Planks - ADV516

$1.99/sq.ft 5mm SF01 Vinyl Planks - ADV516 - advancedflooring
$1.99/sq.ft 5mm SF01 Vinyl Planks - ADV516 - advancedflooring

$1.99/sq.ft 5mm SF01 Vinyl Planks - ADV516

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$1.89 per sq.ft -5mm w/pad

Color: ADV516

Vinyl Plank with Attachpad 
Plank Thickness: 5 mm
Plank Lengths: 7'' x 48'' 
Drop-Lock-Click floating installation
Sq.ft per box: 26.8
Install it anywhere in your home
100% waterproof
Scratch & dent resistant.


SPC Vinyl Installation Guide

Congratulations on the purchase of your new floor. We thank you for your excellent selection of a Scnerio Flooring product that is designed to offer you years of use and enjoyment.

Scnerio Flooring  Vinyl Floors uses the authenticated click system. This innovative technology offers great stability and allows for an easy installation, saving you up to 50% on installation 


Please read and follow the installation instructions BEFORE you or a hired authorized
professional install any of Scnerio Flooring's vinyl floors. By starting the installation of our products, you are agreeing that you have read and understand all installer/owner’s requirements and responsibilities and are aware that deviating from instructions and recommendations in this installation guide may result in voiding the product's warranty. If you need additional assistance, please contact your place of purchase.

It is the INSTALLER and OWNERS’ RESPONSIBILITY to inspect all material
carefully BEFORE installation and ensure the product match what has been
ordered/chosen. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the quality of our products,
report to your dealer BEFORE installation.

It is the INSTALLER's and OWNERS’ RESPONSIBILITY to ensure the job site,
the ambiance and the sub-surface conditions MEET all of Woden Flooring’s requirements.

Always check flooring planks for defects such as chips and color variations under good
light conditions. Check that grooves are free of debris. Use planks from multiple boxes
during installation to insure random pattern variation.

The flooring should be stored and installed in a climate-controlled area with an average
temperature between 55-95F (12-35C). If the flooring is exposed to temperatures less than 40F (5C) or more than 95F (35C) for more than one hour, the flooring must be
acclimated for a minimum of 12 hours by spreading out the cartons during acclimation
but not stacking the cartons. If stacking is necessary, stack the cartons in a crisscross
manner NEVER stacking the cartons more than three high. Do not install outdoors.

To achieve the best results, acclimation is recommended for vinyl flooring products. It is
advised that vinyl products be allowed 2 days at room temperature 68F (20C) to
acclimatize. After that, maintaining room temperature and a humidity level of 35%-55%
is essential to ensure long-lasting vinyl floors.

This product is a floating floor and should NOT be secured to the floor. Do not install
fixed objects, such as cabinets, on top of the flooring or fasten trim/molding/transition
pieces directly to the floor.

A 5% material waste allowance should be included within your total square footage.

Ensure the subfloors are level within 3/16” in a 10’ radius (5mm in 3m).

The subfloor must be flat, dry, and clean. Carpet staples or any/all adhesive residues
must be removed, and the floor must be clean to ensure proper installation.

SPC planks can be installed over a variety of finished floors including ceramic, marble,
and terrazzo. The surface must be in good condition and show no signs of excessive
moisture conditions. Grout joints and heavy embossing in tile or vinyl must be leveled so they are flush with the flooring surface.

Do not install your vinyl flooring over soft, rough, or uneven surfaces. Installation over
the carpet will void the warranty. When installed in rooms with direct sunlight, during the peak hours of sunlight, the use of blinds/shades or drapes is recommended.

No extra underlayment. When this additional padding is combined with the pre-installed padding on your Vinyl flooring, it poses a risk and should be avoided. By adding unnecessary cushioning, you could actually be causing more harm to your floor than good. The added friction could cause the underlayment to wear down quickly and make your floors less stable over time.
This product is waterproof but is not a moisture barrier. The product can withstand
topical water and water penetration for up to 16 hours without being damaged. However, water leaking over or around the outer edges of the flooring can damage a wood subfloor and breed mold/mildew growth on the subfloor and walls. This is not considered a defect in the flooring.

SPC Plank is resistant to water damage, but they do not prevent the transmission of
moisture. Care should be taken to keep moisture from collecting on either side of the
flooring to prevent the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew.

Excessive moisture may cause the growth of unhealthy mold or mildew and/or cause
staining of the flooring

Avoid subfloors with excessive vertical movement or deflection because subfloor
movement may cause the locking mechanism to wear down, or even break. Indications of excessive deflection are subfloor fastener release, squeaking, compromised or sectional contours such as bowing or dipping in floors, and uneven flooring material. Nail or screw subfloor panels to secure boards with excessive vertical movement or deflection prior to installation of the flooring material.

Circular Saw/Safety Glasses or Spacers/Utility Knife/Straight Edge Ruler or T-
Square/Pencil/Tape Measures/ Pull-bar/ ¼’’ spacers

Note: If existing baseboard molding is difficult to remove, Quarter Round molding will be required to cover the expansion space between the flooring and baseboard.


For the best appearance, planks should be installed parallel to the length of the room and preferably perpendicular to outside light sources (i.e. windows and doors).

Start with a whole plank in the left-hand corner of the room with the long edge tongue facing the wall. Lay the first row of planks along the wall and trim to fit the wall allowing a 1/4” (3.2mm) expansion gap.

Attach the end joints of the planks in the first row. Insert the tongue into the groove while holding the plank at a 20° to 30° angle to the floor. Apply pressure inward and down until the planks lock together. Use spacers between the edge of the planks and the wall to maintain a 1/4” expansion gap.

Start the second row using any piece longer than 16”. Place the cut end 1/4” away from the wall. Insert the long edge tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row. Hold the plank at a 20° to 30° angle while applying pressure inward and down until they lock together. Angle the plank and push the tongue into the groove and adjust it until the tongue locks into place. It may be necessary to lift both planks slightly to lock the joint together. Complete the second row allowing a 1/4” expansion gap at the cut plank at the end of the row.

Start the third-row using two-thirds of a plank with the cut end against the wall. Complete each row thereafter using a random layout with the end joints staggered by at least 8”.
Plan the layout to avoid using small planks (less than 6”) at the walls. The cut piece at the end of the row can often be used to start the next row provided it achieves a random layout. Always place the cut end against the wall and allow a 1/4” expansion gap.

SPC planks are unique in that they can also be installed with a pull bar or tapping block and rubber mallet in difficult areas, such as the last row, and when fitting around door trim. Use a pull bar and rubber mallet to lock the joints together in the last row. Always use a pull bar on the cut edge of the plank. Factory edges can be damaged if the pull bar is used directly against them. Use a series of light taps until the joint is gradually locked together

• Protect all exposed edges of SPC with Vinyl by installing a wall base and/ or matching
moldings. Use caution to prevent the fasteners from securing the planks to the subfloor.
Do not allow the floor to become pinched. Considerations for transitions should be made for substrate changes, room-to-room environment changes, complicated layouts, and subfloor elevation. Caulk along tubs, toilet bowls, etc.

• Mop to remove residual surface dirt. Follow the appropriate maintenance schedule using a quality rinse-free cleaner.

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$1.99/sq.ft 5mm SF01 Vinyl Planks - ADV516
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